Raise the curtain, it's time for a pitch!

As some of you may know, we are a Berlin-based student team.  As such, we regularly have to present our current development progress to a jury consisting of industry veterans. One such presentation is the pitch, where the  decision is made whether the project is approved for production or not.

A pitch should sell your vision to potential investors. However, this is trickier than one might think, as you usually don't have a fully fledged game prototype with eye-catching visuals at this point in time. For this reason, any good pitch should cover the following  topics in order to convey why this is going to be a kickass game and why this team is capable of bringing the vision to live:

  • A catchy vision statement that sums up the key aspects of the game.
  • Clear references to similar games so that stakeholders get an idea of scope and target audience.
  • A concise list of unique selling propositions that showcase, what this game does better than similar games.  
  • Good concept art that leaves no doubt what the game will look like.
  • A neatly arranged roadmap that covers the most important development milestones.
  • An early prototype that delivers a proof of concept considering gameplay (no matter how ugly it might look).

In our case, we've successfully cleared the first hurdle, which is why we strongly  felt like sharing our pitch with you.

If you're interested in such content, please tell us! If so, we're happy to create a subtitled version next time (or present upcoming milestones in English from the start). In any case, you enjoy the presentation as much as we did.

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