Early Access: Update 4 OUT NOW!

Early Access Update 4 is out now!

You can get it right HERE.

This update features a wide array of improvements:

  • All-new lighting. Golden glory!
  • Revamped island textures.
  • New animated foliage. Lush stuff!
  • New VFX like cloud shadows.
  • Reworked popups and icons.
  • New market building. Go trade!
  • More dense island layouts.
  • Improved building placement.
  • Overhauled difficulty progression.
  • Minor fixes and tweaks.

This is the final early access version before we release the full game. So if you feel like giving us some last feedback, now is the time!

Have fun playing Helios!


Helios - Early Access v4.zip 331 MB
Aug 04, 2019

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