In search of a logo

Even something seemingly simple as a game logo requires a lot of though and discussion. This process usually involves starting out by creating  a bunch of different versions that are then evaluated, discussed and dropped again. After drawing a shortlist, the best picks are then redesigned, improved, discussed and discarded again,  until only one logo remains.

During these discussions, several aspects come into play:

  • Does the logo properly represent the game's art direction?
  • Is the logo readable in any size?
  • Does it stay readable when placed in front of colorful artwork?
  • Can it be reduced to a single (app) icon? 

For Helios, we've explored many ways of embodying our Steampunk topic into our logo design. Now usually, players only know the final logo that remains after all other options have been kicked out. However, we believe that seeing the designs that never made it are just as interesting, which is why we share them with you.

First batch of logo designs

Detailed versions of our selection

What do you think? Would you have chosen a different design? If so, why?

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